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Corporate sports Event Organisers In Delhi, India

These are lots of happy moments in your life but some achievable moments are unforgettable for you. A magical moment in your life can redirect your life towards the achievement where you will feel relief.

Mera Sapna Academy is one of the leading Corporate sports Event Organiser In Delhi. We are dealing with form organizing, acquire, run or much more. We have arranged an opportunity for our upcoming younger’s to get them International level with other competitor countries. This is the only leading company that where you can trust blindly for your younger’s, students, children or siblings or own your own. We have experienced sports trainers for our upcoming events. You can join a hardworking team that helps you to increase your competition with others. No worry to get back to your home Mera Sapna Academy’s training can make you bright and evergreen name in the sports field.

Learners can get a skilled implementation in their sports, can get an International level ranking for developing their skills. The Academy believes in to promote healthy lives with balanced and active communities, The healthy and active community can give a perfect competition. As per our Academy’s point of view if you have no competition you can never achieve your goals in a manner. We have organized lots of sports events, intermediate competitions, International level competitions, School & Club events, as well as we promote and trade in retail or wholesale of all the sports equipment, Branded and unbranded gears, all sports accessories, and sports game equipment. Nothing to do from anywhere Nothing to worry if you have joined Mera Sapna Academy with us, Just you have to forget your past, or focus on your present we are here to be your future strong.

We have also special arrangements for serve beauty parlor activities with including sales and purchase on this field. We have widely trading of all cosmetic items or much more which is used by experts and professionals in beauty parlor.


Our Years of experience shows our sports love towards our learners and joiners. They all love each other because they all own they are not in a team we all are a family or we have to go with each other. Our most of the event destinations are always the focus or people engagement where you can get lots of viewers for our Corporate Events and your performance.



  • We have Quality and experience trainer.
  • Creativity & Unique exclusivity
  • Excellent Presence & directions
  • Good Futures scopes



We have access to an outstanding worldwide networks. We have been worked with multination and multi competitors at the International level or national level. We arranged our team on the top of the globe where they can get their dreams, we have partnership companies and teams that provide us a chance to play with them or we also give a chance to our students to their talent in higher competition level. Our Academy ranked in many friendships and guarantee to top-quality and highly professional works. Our academy specially situated in India or abroad as well as. We are running professional abroad sports coaching centers, stadiums, sports physiotherapy centers, sports bars, slimming centers yoga classes, nutrition clinics, game  clubs, indoor stadium or more with individual or corporate memberships.

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